Teaching Evaluations

Teaching Evaluations

I believe that a successful teacher should be able to make the students learn, as well as make them enjoy learning. The latter can be achieved through a variety of methods: (1) valuing the students’ time through responding to their questions and emails quickly and in a concise manner, and through clearly laying out and communicating everything course-related; (2) engaging the students with a fascination for the subject; (3) relating course subjects to students’ lives and current events, and (4) using dry (German) humor and sarcasm (occasionally) as tools of enriching the classroom experience. These principles I try to adhere to reflect in my teaching evaluations.

Quantitative Evidence - Teaching Evaluations

Qualitative Evidence – Student Responses

POLS 265 – Introduction to International Relations – Fall 2018

  • "You were a great professor. I will say that your talks about why you are a graduate student here made me think about and pursue being an international graduate student as well.”

  • “I really liked your teaching style and high energy. I appreciated that you kept going back and analyzing content through a variety of perspectives. While you did go a bit fast at times it wasn't too difficult to keep up.”

POLS 102 – Introduction to Political Science – Spring 2018

  • “Very personable and does a good job of getting to know his students.”

  • “Simon gives a European perspective on political science which made it more interesting to learn."

POLS 102 – Introduction to Political Science – Fall 2017

  • “Simon made political science fun and allowed me to look at the world in a different way. Very knowledgeable!”

  • “He is an awesome teacher due to his diverse background and neutrality in all of the subjects we discussed.”

POLS 102 – Introduction to Political Science – Spring 2016 (Teaching Assistant)

  • “Very well organized, replied fast to any email, always wanted to help.”

  • “Simon was a great TA! He was kind, helpful, and willing to explain any questions a student had. He was engaging and truly cared about what he was teaching!”

POLS 102 – Introduction to Political Science – Fall 2016 (Teaching Assistant)

  • “I really enjoyed having Simon as my TA. He was smart and brought a fresh perspective to the lecture topics. He was passionate and clearly wanted us to learn and participate.”

  • “Simon knows and loves everything he discusses during discussion class. He is very passionate about the content and help[s] students when needed.”