Teaching Goals (Long and Short-Term)

Teaching Goals
(Long and Short-Term)

To evolve as an instructor, I have set several goals for myself, both short and long-term:

In long-term goals, I see myself as an instructor either at a research university or a liberal arts college. A teaching position at such institutions would allow me to pursue my fascination for teaching and study abroad while also still being able to do research. Furthermore, I would like to finally be able to implement more technology in my classroom to make learning for students even more interactive and informative, for example, by allowing for more and improved simulations or guest speakers from other parts of the world. Lastly, it has always been my dream to implement a study abroad program which would allow me to take students to Europe to show them the inner workings of regions, states, and the European Union.

In terms of short-term plans, I want to continue to seek out out workshops and training to improve my teaching. At Tulane University, this mostly happens through the Center for Engaged Learning & Teaching and the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. In the past, I attended many of the events that the University of Tennessee, Knoxville had to offer, the “CIRTL Network” (“Center for Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning”) has proven to be a good source of virtual courses and events. Additionally, individual online and in-person workshops offered by the American Political Science Association and the International Studies Association will help me further develop my skillsets. I plan to attend at least a few in the upcoming year to keep up with current trends. I will also try to gain more experience with non-college-level students by engaging in speaker and presenter roles in other environments, such as the “Meet-a-German”-program offered through Fulbright Germany or Lincoln Memorial University's "Zoom-a-Palooza"-speaker series.